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Faction Combos

The Eternal card game has five ‘factions’: Fire, Justice, Law, Primal and Shadow. The Factions work in a similar way to colours in other CCGs; each card either belongs to one or more factions or is ‘Neutral’.

One of the things that gives Eternal its depth of gameplay is the ability to mix and match cards of different factions in a deck. This leads to some terminology that isn’t always obvious, especially to the beginner. These terms appear in the names of some cards (eg Combrei Healer). You’ll also hear the words used frequently by players discussing deck builds, the state of the meta, etc.

So what do these words mean? How do they relate to the five Factions?

The words are the names of faction combinations: pairs of factions working together in a multi-faction deck. Each of the ten possible faction pairs has its own special name. Here’s a list:

  • Argenport
    Justice + Shadow
  • Combrei
    Justice + Time
  • Elysian
    Time + Primal
  • Feln
    Primal + Shadow
  • Hooru
    Justice + Primal
  • Praxis
    Fire + Time
  • Rakano
    Fire + Justice
  • Skycrag
    Fire + Primal
  • Stonescar
    Fire + Shadow
  • Xenan
    Time + Shadow

Why these strange names? They’re connected with the game lore. For example the Hooru are a race of wise old owls whereas the Stonescar Mines are deposits of magical Shiftstone.

Of course, a deck can contain more than two factions. As far as I’m aware, there are no official names for trifaction or beyond combos.