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New Mechanism: Renown

Dire Wolf has announced another new game mechanic for Eternal: Renown. The idea behind this seems to be that units with Renown gain a bonus when you somehow draw attention to them.

What Does Renown Do?

Renown is a one-shot skill. According to Dire Wolf, Renown:

“Does something the first time you play a spell or weapon directly on it”

So what might it do? Example given range from Oni Forgemaster (“Create and draw a +2/+1 weapon”) through to Aniyah, Arctic Sheriff (“+2/+2 and Aegis”).

Interestingly, it seems that Renown can be set off by any form of attention, not just a buff. Again from Dire Wolf:

“Will you utilize weapons, pump spells, or even removal (like Snowball) that you don’t mind pointing at your own units?”

Although it’s not stated explicitly, the word ‘you’ in the definition of the skill suggests that an enemy skill won’t trigger it. That would be ridiculously OP.

I’m a little nervous about this new skill. Basically, it makes strong units stronger. Given that it’s found on Ixtun (Fire/Justice/Primal) units, I have a feeling that it might make aggressive, weapon-heavy Rakano (Fire + Justice) decks ridiculously powerful. We’ll see if I’m right when the Defiance set is released.