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New Mechanism: Amplify

The new game mechanics for Eternal keep rolling in. The latest to be announced is Amplify, a skill for the Jennev (Fire/Time/Primal) faction combo.

What Does Amplify Do?

Amplify is essentially a more powerful version of Spellcraft, however it can apply to units as well as to weapons.

Like Spellcraft, Amplify allows you to play a spell when you play the card. Unlike Spellcraft, Amplify allows you to play the spell as many times as you want, providing you have sufficient power.

Although not explicitly stated (yet), the implication is that, like Spellcraft, Amplify can only be used when you actually play the card.

Examples given of new cards with Amplify include Firemane Lioness (Amplify 2: Play a 1/1 Wildcat with Charge) and Darya, Warrior Poet (Amplify 2: Give one of your other units Beserk and Deadly).

Amplify isn’t going to be especially powerful in the early stages of the game. But later on, when you’ve built up your power, it could make a huge impact.

It looks to me as if this mechanism is designed as a stalemate breaker for late stages of long games where both players have plenty of power but neither can break through the other’s defences.

Cards with Amplify will be released as part of the Defiance set.