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Destiny Rule Change

The Destiny mechanic in Eternal is to get a small change this week.

Destiny (originally called ‘Autoplay’) is a skill whereby a card which is drawn is automatically played and a new one drawn to replace it. Normally this works fine, however it can become troublesome if the player has a full board with the maximum number of units already in play.

Up until now, what happens then is that the Destiny unit is played and the player has to choose one of their existing units to discard to make room for it. That’s fine, unless the unit drawn as a replacement also has destiny. Then the player has to make another choice. Possibly followed by yet another… All of which takes time.

What Will Change?
Dire Wolf has decided that this repeated Destiny can slow the game down unacceptably, so the mechanic will change slightly. If a Destiny unit is drawn when your board is full, the Destiny unit itself will be the one discarded; so no waiting for you to make a choice.

That will have little or no effect on most games as Destiny is an uncommon skill only granted by other cards. However one card that will be badly impacted is Talir, Who Sees Beyond. This is a Legendary unit that gives Destiny to your other Time units. Losing a legendary to the discard is bad, especially if you’ve built your deck around this card. Such decks may no longer be viable.

The Destiny change will be part of an update to be rolled out this week.