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Redraw Rule Change

Along with the Destiny change, this week will see a change to the staring hand redraw rule (known informally as ‘Mulligan’).

Currently, if you don’t like your starting hand then you can redraw it. The new hand is guaranteed to have two, three or four Power cards.

But what if the new hand is still unplayable?

The new rule will allow a second redraw for a third hand. However this option is considered a ‘desperate gambit’ and shouldn’t be used lightly. Although you’ll get a new hand with the same guarantee of two to four power cards, your hand will contain only six instead of seven cards.

Being a card behind from the start limits your options and can put you at a big disadvantage. However if your second hand really is bad then you might want to consider it.

Given the risk, Dire Wolf isn’t expecting this option to be used very often. However it does provide a final chance to turn a losing deal into a playable one.